Study: Women are grumpier than men in the morning

Researchers: Sleep-deprived women more hostile

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ORLANDO, Fla. - According to a study that is sure to spark arguments in the bedroom, doctors at the University of Duke said scientific evidence shows women are grumpier than men in the morning.

Scientists say sleep-deprived women suffer more than men both physically and mentally. The average woman needs more sleep than the average man, according to researchers.

According to the study, sleep-deprived women have high inflammation indicators. Those indicators are associated with pain, meaning women are in more pain when they wake up.

According to researchers, sleep deprivation can cause women to be depressed, angry and hostile when waking up.

However, researchers say they discovered bigger concerns for women -- lingering health problems. Doctors found sleep-deprived women are at a greater risk for heart disease, blood clots, stroke and depression.

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