Summerfield man, 84, pepper-sprays guard over parking spot at bingo, cops say

Security guard not filing charges because of man's age, deputies say

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SUMMERFIELD, Fla. - An 84-year-old man pepper-sprayed a security guard at a Marion County retirement community bingo game after deputies say the man refused to leave handicapped parking spots open for two women described as "elderly and crippled."

The security guard, who works at the Spruce Creek South Community Center, told deputies on Tuesday night that two handicapped parking spots are regularly reserved for a pair of elderly woman who have difficulty walking into the facility on bingo nights.  Other handicapped parking spots remain available for others.

The 84-year-old man drove up to the building on Tuesday and removed a milk crate blocking one of the reserved handicapped parking spots, according to a report.  The security guard said he followed the man inside and told him to move his vehicle or it would be towed, sparking an argument.

The 84-year-old then pulled out a small container of pepper spray and squirted the security guard in the face twice, according to deputies.

The man told deputies that he has been having issues with the security guard for the last couple of weeks and that he felt threatened as the guard was coming toward him to confront him.

The security guard, who said he had been having issues with the 84-year-old over the parking spot for several weeks, adamantly refused to press charges against the retiree, citing his age.

The 84-year-old promised deputies he would cooperate with the security guard in the future and "leave the parking spot vacant for the less fortunate", according to the report.

The man was asked to leave the facility for the night, which he agreed to.

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