SunRail crash video released

Video shows 2nd crash since SunRail started full schedule in May

By Justin Warmoth - Anchor

ORLANDO, Fla. - New video released by SunRail reveals the moments before one of its trains hit the back of a car that was still on the tracks.

The accident happened June 27 at the Michigan Avenue crossing in Orlando. The video shows the SunRail train full of passengers motoring down the tracks, but a red Chevy SUV's back end is sticking out.

Before the conductor had time to hit the brakes, it was too late. No one in the crash was hurt, but some folks fear if drivers aren't aware of their surroundings, things could end much worse if this happens again.

"When the rail makes the warning that it's coming, I would avoid the tracks," said Samantha Johnson.

Every day, Johnson drives over the Michigan Avenue crossing and often sees drivers cutting it close.

"I think Orlando is a red-light-running city, and I think it's just another form of red lights and people think they can get across it," said Johnson.

The crash last week was the second since SunRail started on their full schedule in May. In late May, officials said a woman's car stalled in the tracks in Maitland as the train barreled into her.

In that crash, it appeared there was nothing the driver could do, but in the most recent one, Johnson said it definitely could've been avoided.

"Five minutes or the cost of your car?" Johnson said. "I think five minutes is definitely worth the wait."

Officials said the woman driving the red Chevy SUV was from out of town and was never charged.

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