SunRail tickets now being sold

Free rides on commuter rail in Central Florida ends May 19

SANFORD, Fla. - With the start of SunRail revenue service quickly approaching, the Florida Department of Transportation has announced that tickets will be available Monday for customers to purchase online, a week before they will be required to board trains.

On May 19, riders will need to purchase one of several different types of fare media: a reloadable weekly, monthly or annual pass, a stored value card that customers can reload with a pre-determined amount of money, or a daily or round-trip (paper) ticket.

A one-time fee of $5 will be charged for all reloadable SunCards.

"I think gas money is going to make a big difference in ridership," one passenger told Local 6.

SunRail customers can purchase tickets at SunRail ticket vending machines, located at SunRail stations. There are four located at each station. Three machines accept credit and debit only. One accepts cash, coins, credit and debit.

Those who already have a SunCard can go to the website to register their cards to guard against fraud, theft or loss, and to load or reload SunCards.

New SunCards cannot be sent with any prepaid amount on it already.

Passengers purchasing their SunRail ticket will need to "Tap On" before boarding and "Tap Off" at their final destination in order for the proper fare to be deducted. Those who do not will have the full fare deducted from their account.

Technical representatives will be available will be at each SunRail station to troubleshoot the launch of the new electronic ticketing system.

Anyone with any questions can call 855-724-5411.

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