Surfing pig hangs 10 in Hawaii

Owner found out pig swims when he slipped in pool

By Ashleigh Coran - Executive Producer

HONOLULU - A little piggy in Hawaii is ditching the market to hang 10.

Kama, the adorable piglet, loves to ride shotgun on his owner's surfboard.

Kai Holt, the pig's owner, realized Kama was special a month ago when his hooves slipped into the pool and Kama began doggie paddling. 

It turns out, Kama isn't just a swimmer but a surfer. 

"Seems like he has a good time out there," said Holt, "I think it makes him happy."

Kama can handle some of the biggest waves, but some of the smallest bumps cause the pig to go overboard.

"I think he's going to drown, but he just pops right up out of the foam," one spectator said. 

Kama and his owner Holt have quite the bond. They follow each other everywhere and sleep in the same bed. Holt even has Kama on a vegetarian diet.

"Hopefully Costco makes a bigger board," Holt laughed.

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