Suspected thief runs through glass door

Surveillance video captures incident in Australia

PERTH, Australia - They say what goes around comes around and one suspected purse-snatcher found that out the hard way.

A man accused of robbing an elderly woman of her handbag was caught on camera running into a glass door, knocking himself out cold.

The incident happened at a newsstand in Perth.

The assailant was seen on surveillance video following an elderly woman before snatching her purse.  Seconds later, he is seen running through shops and then slamming into -- and through -- the glass door, shattering it.

The force knocked out the purse-snatcher as he fell to the ground with the broken glass.

"He made a pretty heavy impact," Greg Rice said. "When he actually hit the glass he was knocked out."

In the video, shoppers are seen running to help him.

The man's alleged accomplice stepped in, however, and helped the injured man to his feet.

The brazen thieves eventually got away in a stolen car, police said.

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