Suspicious devices investigated at Lake Mary Preparatory School

Student accidentally set off 'blasting cap' in backpack, police say

LAKE MARY, Fla. - Authorities are investigating after two suspicious devices were found inside a classroom at Lake Mary Preparatory School on Tuesday afternoon.

Lake Mary police said the devices, called "blasting caps," were found in the backpack of a 15-year-old student at the school after classes ended for the day.

One of the devices went off and injured the student's hand. He was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries for coming into contact with the device, police said.

The "blasting caps" are used to set off other explosive devices and both were in his backpack when the student reached inside and accidentally set them off, according to police.

"He went in his backpack to retrieve a book and when he did that, he set off one of these things off. It emitted a small pop and burned his hand," said Officer Zach Hudson, with the Lake Mary Police Department. "We're treating this as somebody who made a poor decision. These devices are everywhere in Asia, where he's from, and they're treated a lot like firecrackers would be treated."

Police said the student thought that the caps weren't active and wouldn't set off any type of explosion.

Police evacuated students from the school dorm as police searched the area for remaining devices. Police said the foreign student just arrived into the country a few weeks ago, brought them as souvenirs and left the devices in his backpack by mistake.

Police said a teacher was in the classroom, but no one else was injured.

Police took the remaining blasting cap to be safely destroyed.

Police said the school could interview that student tomorrow to see if he should be disciplined. The student will be back at school Wednesday and won't be charged, but families at the school have questions of their own.

"We were very upset. I have a concern everyday that something is going to happen," said one student's grandfather, who asked to remain anonymous. "It's sad that they can get away and get in without somebody knowing about it. I think you'll see a change."

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