SUV flips 3 times in crash in Uptown Altamonte shopping plaza

Police: Pregnant woman, small child, male driver transported to Florida Hospital

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. - Police say a pregnant woman, a small child, and a male driver were all transported to Florida Hospital with non-life threatening injuries, after their SUV flipped three times in the Uptown Altamonte shopping plaza on Saturday.

Rafael Ramirez was driving with his wife and kids when an SUV flipped three times right in front of them.

"I literally had to put the car in reverse because I thought the car was basically going to hit me," said Ramirez.

The SUV landed in between two stores in the plaza.

Ramirez said the driver and a pregnant woman crawled out of the SUV, then a toddler was pulled from the back seat.

"When I saw the father holding the baby out of the car seat, I said no, this is ridiculous," said Candido Peralta, who was eating at a restaurant when he heard the crash around 8 p.m.

Several witnesses tell Local 6 the SUV was speeding and went through a stop sign, hitting a Jeep Grand Cherokee which had the green light and was headed toward Semoran Boulevard.

Witnesses said once the vehicles collided, the SUV hit the curb and started flipping.

"They need to have more clearer signs, and a speed limit posted," said Peralta.

Ramirez said the stop sign is hard to see.

"I remember a while back, I didn't actually see the stop sign because the height of it," said Ramirez.

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