SUV topples covered bridge in Maitland

Driver attempted to pull tall trailer under low bridge

MAITLAND, Fla. - A sport utility driver pulling a trailer toppled a covered bridge in Maitland after crashing into its low ceiling.

The incident occurred at Old Horatio Avenue and West Trotters Drive in Maitland overnight and crews dismantled the bridge on Tuesday.

Police said the truck was attempting to pull an 8-foot-tall trailer under the bridge, which has a clearance of 6 feet 6 inches.  The trailer collided with the bridge, causing it to collapse.

Authorities said the driver, identified as Scottie Cahill, was not injured.

Cahill told Local 6 he was returning home from an event in Altamonte Springs and forgot he was hauling a food trailer.

"(I) just came back late after a long day and just nailed it," he said.

The bridge reopened later Tuesday, and Rick Lemke, city public works director, said he'll meet with city officials later this week to decide if they'll rebuild a cover.

City council members would have to decide how the new bridge cover would be funded.

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