Ohio police warn to watch out for 'Wile. E' coyotes

North Royalton police see surge in coyote calls

FreeImages.com/Dave Kendall

An Ohio police department is warning residents to be sure a coyote is of the "Wile E." variety before calling 911.

The North Royalton Police Department outside Cleveland was seeing a surge in the number of calls they received reporting coyote sightings.

So, in response, someone at the department, who clearly is a "Looney Tunes" fan, wrote up the following and posted it to Facebook:

"We have been made aware of coyote sightings within North Royalton. Typically coyotes are nocturnal, but it is not uncommon to see them during the day. Merely seeing one is NOT a reason to call 911. However, there are certain behaviors that are cause for alarm. Specifically:

1. Coyotes carrying any product marked "ACME".
2. Coyotes dropping anvils from hot air balloons.
3. Coyote posting signs such as "Detour" or "Free Bird Seed".
4. Coyote in possession of a giant magnet.
5. Coyote in possession of a catapult.
6. Coyote detonating "TNT".
7. Coyote on roller skates with rockets attached.

Please call 911 immediately if you witness any of the above behaviors."

In the classic "Road Runner" cartoons, Wile E. Coyote is the hapless nemesis of the title character, with his many schemes, often mail ordered from ACME, blowing up, sometimes literally, in his face.

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