Yes, that snarky bacon packaging is real

'If you can't cook bacon, call elected officials'

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

“Every American should know how to cook bacon… Seriously.”

If that made you laugh, you aren’t alone. Those are actual instructions on packages of bacon found at stores in the Northeast, and they’re going viral.

It turns out that Vermont-based Black River Meats had a two-pronged approach to their snarky labeling.

In full, the instructions read, “Pan fry slowly on low-medium heat until the breakfast goodness renders and reaches your desired level of crispiness. If you really don’t know how to cook bacon, please contact our elected officials and complain about our education system. Every American should know how to cook bacon… Seriously.” 

The initial Facebook post that went viral was made Thursday by Meteorologist Joe Crain of Illinois. He captioned it “BEST PACKAGING EVER!” and has since been shared more than 106,000 times.

Ever faithful to debunking things found on the internet, confirmed the label is real, and even got comments from the company.

Sean Buchanan, vice president of sales and marketing at Black River, told Snopes “it was intended to be a mixture of humor and seriousness, because what’s the world coming to if people don’t know how to cook something as simple as bacon?”



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