Targeting your blood type

ORLANDO, Fla. - You'll hear his voice when the Solar Bears hit the ice, but on Tuesday, play-by-play announcer Bob Mills sat back, and instead of hockey, he was talking blood.

"With my blood type they generally need more of the actual red blood cells- and not so much the platelets and the plasma, so I guess this allows them to harvest it a little bit better," he said.

Mills is donating his red blood cells at the "Target Your Type" blood drive inside the Local 6 studios.

"Every blood type is needed for specific purposes, so when you come in, you find out about your blood type, then going forward you can donate your blood where it has the most power, to help somebody else," said Pat Michaels, event spokesperson.

Local 6 production manager Robert Kotek says his blood has an enzyme that helps babies with immune deficiencies.

"They put a little yellow tag, and I said, 'did I do something wrong,' and they said, 'no that's something good- that means your blood has a special enzyme in it,'" he said.

Working mom and marine, Louis Lewis, donates platelets in memory of her childhood friend, Darrell Clark Jr., who died of Leukemia.

"There were people out there that donated for him, I mean, there's some other little kid or someone that I could be helping," she said.

From premature babies to patients battling cancer, no matter what you donate, your blood will make a difference.

"It's not really too much of a donation on my end if it's going to give someone a chance to live," said Mills.

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