Teacher says measuring, quilting offers real world lesson

Harmony High School quilts to be displayed at the Osceola County Fair

ORLANDO,Fla - Teachers have long known that music can improve a student's math skills but how about quilting?

This week The Wandering Stitches Quilting Studio of Orlando, announced it recently donated quilting supplies and expertise to students at an area high school to help "improve their math skills."

Cathy Harrington, the fashion design teacher at Harmony High School in Harmony, Fla., says she challenged her students to create the quilts and display them at the Osceola County Fair, February 8 – 17.

Harrington says she saw this as an opportunity to strengthen her students' math skills because she says quilting requires a great deal of intricate measuring.

"Through the support of Wandering Stitches Quilting Studio, my students were able to apply the math skills they have been learning in school to a real-world situation," Harrington said. "The students are very proud of their work, and their families are asking them to make more quilts."

"We were happy to assist the project, through our donated materials and our expertise," said Lisa Mullins, owner of Wandering Stitches Quilting Studio. "We visited the class and spoke to the students about sewing and quilting techniques, and it was amazing to watch their progress."

The event will take place at Osceola Heritage Park, located at 1911 Kissimmee Valley Lane in Kissimmee, Fla., on Feb. 8 to Feb. 17.

For more information about the Osceola County Fair, visit: www.osceolacountyfair.com.

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