Teacher: Turn in phone, avoid final exam

Most students choose to give up phone for week

KIMBALL, Minn. - A math teacher in Minnesota gave her class a choice: take your final exam, or, give up your phone for a week and skip the test.

Katie Pettit, a first-year teacher, told the students they could avoid the final exam if they sealed their cellphones in a box in her classroom for the week. According to Ms. Pettit, all but a few of her 70 students took her offer.

Many of the students quickly got an itch to get their phone back.

"Let's check what's going on on Twitter or something and Instagram," Ariel Laabas, a student, told KARE-TV. "Oh I don't have my phone. I can't."

However, despite the disconnect, students in Ms. Pettit's class say the trade is worth it to avoid the test.

"That's the best thing about it," said Laabs. "I would give up my phone for like a year if I could get a good grade in math."

Laabs told KARE-TV life without a phone isn't as bad as she thought it would be.

"I probably won't be using my phone as much because it's kind of changed," said Laabs.

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