Teen shares apparent shark bite photo

14-year-old says she did not realize she had been bitten

By Ashleigh Coran - Executive Producer

GALVESTON ISLAND, Texas - A 14-year-old said she was bitten by a shark and did not realize it until after she got out of the water.

Mikaela Medina said the close encounter happened in waist-deep water over the weekend on Galveston Island.

"It just felt like something bumped into my back," Medina said, "I was, like, "This could be a shark.'"

Medina didn't feel the pain but still came to shore so her mother could take a look. 

"She's the one who told me I had gotten bit," Medina said, "After she told me, I was bleeding.  I started crying."

Medina's mother took photos of the teeth marks on the teenager's back.

The two managed to run to their nearby beach house and have a family friend who is a doctor treat the teen.

Medina did not need stitches.

"It's really crazy. I didn't think that could ever happen, and it could've been a lot worse," Medina said.

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