Teens with rifles carjack woman, force her into trunk

Orlando police search for 4 teens, stolen Toyota Corolla

ORLANDO, Fla. - A Central Florida mother returning home from Sunday night church said four teens carjacked her and forced her into the trunk of her car at gunpoint, and now police are hunting for the culprits.

The teens ambushed Antranique Johnson, 43, at the Middlebrook Farms Apartment Homes off Conroy Road near Kirkman Road around 8 p.m.

Johnson said she had just come home and parked inside the gated community when she saw the young men running through the hallway to her building. She never saw their guns until they ran at her car and opened her the door.

That's when she said two teens with AK-47s and two others with handguns, told her to get in her trunk.

"He said get in the trunk and don't say nothing or I'm going to start shooting," Johnson told Local 6. "I just kept repeating, 'Lord please help me. Don't let me die like this. Help me get out of this trunk.'"

Johnson said she was locked in her own trunk, but what she did next probably saved her life. Once the car started moving, she found the latch inside the trunk and jumped out.

"It was dark, but I was feeling around and I felt that lever and I pulled it as hard as I could and the trunk just flew open," said Johnson. "Survival instinct just kicked in. I'm not going to die like this. I'm getting out of this car."

She was not hurt but she's still terrified, and she said she's not going back to her apartment anytime soon. In the meantime, her apartment complex has put security front and center.

She said police found her car and they're looking at security video to help them catch the men responsible.

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