Testimony continues in rape trial of former Leesburg cop

Officer Henri Larue arrested on sex battery charges in Jan. 2013

LEESBURG, Fla. - Two pieces of surveillance video could be key evidence in the trial of a former Leesburg Police officer accused of raping a woman after he arrested her.


Surveillance video from the Leesburg Police Department shows the victim at the department the night former officer Henri Larue arrested her in October of 2012.

Larue is charged with armed sexual battery by a law enforcement officer and faces life in prison if convicted.

The time stamp at the bottom of the video from the police department shows 2:02 am.

After the victim leaves the department in a patrol car with Larue, she testified Tuesday that Larue pulled into an alley and forced her to perform a sex act.

There is also surveillance video from Belton Bell Bonds that shows Larue's patrol car as it pulls into the Lake County jail after the alleged crime.

At issue, is how long it took him to get from the police department to the jail.

It should be an easy calculation, however both security system clocks were off between 12 and 16 minutes which witnesses testified to.

State prosecutors claim Larue took 22 minutes to make the drive from the police department to the jail.

They say the drive should have taken 14 minutes and left time for him to commit the crime.

The defense says that drive was much shorter and traffic lights could account for any delay.

The trial is expected to conclude this week.

It is not clear if Larue will take the stand.

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