Thieves steal family's Christmas presents

Family tries buying presents 2 days before holiday

ORLANDO, Fla. - Just two days before Christmas, a local family is scrambling to restore the holiday spirit for their kids after thieves broke in and stole nearly every gift under their tree.

Police say the break-in happened in the 5300 block of Millenia Boulevard in Orlando, early Friday morning.

The Campos family has now posted a donation drive online, through, hoping friends and family can help them recoup some of what was lost.

"It's just not fair to them," said Karen Campos, a mother of two. "We can understand and we can understand how people can be bad, but children?"

Campos said the hardest part is explaining to her 8-year-old son what happened. The family said the little boy was nearly in tears.

"They didn't even take computers or anything that would benefit them that they could profit from. It's just my kids' Christmas, that's what they took away from us. It's just heartbreaking," said Campos.

The family says thieves ripped through a back window, climbed inside, stole the 40 inch television and more than a dozen bulky presents -- including everything on her son's wish list. Before walking out the door, Campos said the criminals found car keys and even stole the family's car, all while the family was sleeping.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt during the break-in, but now their peace of mind is shattered, along with their holiday.

Campos knows they can't replace all the gifts, but the young mom still managed to find Christmas spirit, despite becoming a victim.

She said, "I hope the toys went to kids that maybe really needed them too and so the toys are being enjoyed by some kids, even if it's the thief's children. They have no idea what their parents are up to, so they should enjoy their Christmas, too."

The family has asked friends and relatives to help donate money before the holiday so they can buy the children's' presents.

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