Thieves steal truck carrying $1M in Zumba gear

Merchandise was to be sold in Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. - A truck carrying $1 million worth of Zumba fitness merchandise has been stolen from Miami.

A spokeswoman for the Florida-based fitness company says Zumba employees went to check on several merchandise trucks and noticed one was missing Thursday. The trucks were loaded with apparel that was supposed to be sold at a Zumba convention in Orlando.

Spokeswoman Meagan Phillips says the stolen truck was found, but the merchandise was not inside. Meanwhile, she said disappointed Zumba fans are clamoring to buy products at the Orlando convention. The company is working to restock the shelves with merchandise from other locations.

The company that has developed a cult following for its high-energy Latin dance workout posted signs explaining the theft and apologizing for the lack of products.

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