Thieves use front-end loader to rip ATM from Orlando bank

Video shows elaborate crime at Chase Bank off Lee Vista Boulevard

ORLANDO, Fla. - Security video shows the dramatic moments when thieves ripped an ATM out of the ground and hauled it off, using a front-end loading tractor.

Late Thursday evening, workers were still cleaning up the mess left behind from elaborate crime that happened at the Chase Bank off Lee Vista Boulevard early Thursday morning.

The suspects remain loose, said an Orlando Police Department news release, but security cameras from a nearby store captured the crime on video.

The video shows a construction tractor dumping the stolen ATM into the back of a waiting getaway truck.

"Obviously, it was planned. I can tell by the way the truck slowly rode up and dumped it perfectly right into the back of the bed of that vehicle," said Hector Torres, whose store, All Floors, caught the criminals in the act.

The criminal operation seemed well-orchestrated, and was acted out in a matter of seconds, making Torres wonder if the suspects are either professional crooks -- or professional construction workers.

"It looks like someone who has experience," said Torres. "They drove right to the back of it, perfect timing, they didn't hesitate, knew how to drop it right in there and they were off."

The video also shows the thieves staging before the crime, setting up the tractor and truck. However, the video does not clearly show the suspects.

It's unclear if the bank's own security cameras show better images of the suspects. There does not appear to be any witnesses because it happened just after 5 a.m. Thursday. Investigators were able to collect evidence from the front-end loader that was left at the scene, said police.

As the criminals remain loose, customers plan to go inside the bank, or find another way to get cash safely.

"It does make me worried," said Judy Lynaugh. "I think probably the best thing is just to go and get cash back when you go to the store."

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