Thousands still Christmas shopping

By Justin Warmoth - Anchor

ORLANDO, Fla. - Just two days before Christmas and thousands across central Florida are still shopping.

At the Premium Outlets on International Drive, shoppers made their way through the packed parking lots. Some folks were looking for nearly 30 minutes before settling for a spot across the street.

"We had to follow somebody to their car. The parking lot is pretty crazy," said shopper Sharonda Foster.

Whether folks were shopping for good sales or simply because they were procrastinating, everyone was talking about Monday's summer-like temperatures.

"It's very hot for me to be shopping on Christmas. I usually go to New York or the Jersey area for Christmas, so this is quite different," said Foster.

Last-minute shopper Nate Snell said, "It doesn't even feel like Christmas. It's 80-something degrees and I'm afraid I'm going to break a sweat."

Shoppers say sales ranged from 30 percent to 50 percent off at some stores -- savings they say was worth dealing with traffic, parking and long lines.

Snell says he waited until Monday to shop for his wife -- a strategy he says he's trying out for the first time.

"Two days before Christmas and it's crunch time. Hopefully I can find some good deals," Snell said.

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