Titusville students suspended, kicked off baseball team over 'Harlem Shake' video

School District says teens made 'obscene gestures' in video

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

TITUSVILLE, Fla. - The Brevard County School District has suspended ten Titusville High School baseball players over their version of a viral video, "The Harlem Shake."

All ten students were suspended from school for at least two days after the school district said their video featured obscene gestures.

Eight of the students have been permanently kicked off the Titusville High School baseball team and two others received 2-week suspensions from the team.

In protest of the suspensions, other Titusville High students broke out into the dance in the school parking lot Friday morning.

School administrators said the ten suspended students are accused of wearing their baseball team uniforms and making obscene gestures while performing the dance at the school's baseball field, then posting the video online.

Students tell Local 6 the video was blown out of proportion and that they're outraged over what they call a "harmless Harlem Shake."

"We made the video not knowing this, all this would happen, it was a joke," said one of the suspended baseball players, who asked Local 6 not to show his face on camera. "It just doesn't make sense to me how they can have that much of repercussions over a stupid video that everybody is doing."

Students supporting the suspended players, played the "Harlem Shake" song from their cars Friday afternoon with the words "Free THS baseball" painted on their car windows.

"We were just trying to have fun and it was a team thing and we're all gone now," said one of the suspended players.

No coaches or administrators were around when the video in question was made, which has been taken off of the internet. Local 6 was told when it was posted it had 5,000 views in 24 hours.

Students can appeal their suspensions. The North Area superintendent will hear the appeals next week, according to Brevard School officials.

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