Too much texting can harm relationships, study says

BYU researchers found that too much texting leads to relationship disconnect

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Too much texting can put strains on a relationship, according to a new study from Brigham Young University researchers.

Researchers found that that using text messages to apologize, work out differences and make decisions is associated with lower relationship quality among women. And, for men, higher text frequency means lower relationship quality as well. All of them said that expressing affection through texts enhanced their relationship.

Constant communication through texting can lead to a disconnect, researchers said, citing a "narrowness" with texting as opposed to in-person contact.

The researchers studied 276 young adults from across the country. Of those, 38 percent said they were in a committed relationship, 46 percent said they were engaged and 16 percent said they were married.

They added that the one upside is that respondents seemed to universally approve of sending loving texts, saying that it improved relationship satisfaction.

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