Tornado cleanup continues in Edgewater

Law enforcement warns residents of scammers

EDGEWATER, Fla. - Neighbors in Terra Mar Village have a long road of cleanup ahead after a tornado ripped through the community last Monday.

Trees were scattered all over the neighborhood--many ending up on top of houses--and yard objects tossed around like playing cards.

Many whose houses were damaged are waiting for their insurance companies to process their claims, but others with more flexibility are beginning to rebuild.

Law enforcement warns of scammers who might try to take advantage of the older residents desperate to clean up, but many neighbors say they haven't heard of anyone falling for schemes.

Instead they're celebrating the help the community has offered one another.

"The Mormons came out and helped us move all the stuff in the shed, the Baptists came out and helped one day and even the people who haven't had any damage came out to help," said Darla Johnson, who lived in a house destroyed by the tornado.

The community's annual holiday drive went on as usual, showing neighbors that there's still holiday cheer despite the circumstances.

"The fire department came out with their sleigh and reindeer and I don't think I went past one driveway that didn't have food and toys put out," said Johnson.

Residents say they expect cleanup to last for weeks.

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