Tornado repairs in Edgewater community continue

2 months later damage still fresh, residents say

EDGEWATER, Fla. - It's been almost two months since a tornado tore through the Terra Mar Village in Edgewater.

It took seconds for the 110 mph winds to destroy or damage 90 homes in the mobile home complex. People who live there thought things would be back to normal by now, but they say it's far from it.

Bob Ash of Edgewater has been living out of a suitcase at a neighbor's house- his home is being repaired now.

"You gotta pick up the pieces and move on," he said.

Some residents say they wish the process was moving more quickly.

"Now I'm getting a little antsy," said Shirley Robinson, who is still waiting to start rebuilding her sun room, because her first design didn't meet new building codes.
"We have to have more safety around the windows, before they're installed, so we have to get ply-board and other things like that," she said.

Richard Rockwell is laying out $4,000 for a new screen porch- a bill he wasn't expecting.

"I just took over the policy when we bought the house, and I just figured it was insured, apparently it wasn't," he said.

Karleen Wood says she's demolishing her rental home because the damage is too expensive to fix.

"Why keep a dead horse? so were just gonna get rid of it," she said.

While several of his neighbors have packed up and left, Ash says he's grateful for the people who stuck around; like the friends who are letting him and his wife stay with them until his home is home again.

"They're great, they're fantastic in this neighborhood people in this park are great," he said.

Contractors said they believe it could take at least a couple more months before all damage is repaired.

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