Trial begins for woman accused of shooting boyfriend in College Park home

Caryn Kelley faces manslaughter charges

ORLANDO, Fla. - Testimony is underway on Monday in the case against the College Park woman who is accused of shooting and killing her boyfriend in 2011.

Caryn Kelly says the gun went off unintentionally during a struggle. Kelley's attorney says she'll take the stand and explain everything that happened two years ago in her College Park home.

Prosecutors say Kelley intentionally shot her boyfriend, Phillip Peatross, and repeatedly changed her story, at one point claiming he shot himself.

Prosecutors played Kelley's 911 call in court on Monday, in which she claimed Peatross put the gun to his own head.

"He took my arm, he took the handle and he put it to his head," Kelley told investigators.

Kelley also told the dispatchers it was an accident.

"Oh my God. My boyfriend just died. He's, he...he needs an ambulance," Kelley said on the call.

Kelly said she feared it was an intruder and grabbed a gun. When Peatross went into her bedroom, Kelley says he was extremely drunk and struggled over the weapon, causing it to go off.

"When confronted with his girlfriend cowering next to her bed, with a gun in the air, his decision was to cross that room and fight with her for that gun.  That was a decision he made," said Kelley's attorney Diana Tennis.

Prosecutors said Kelley became combative as she was being interviewed by detectives that night. They said they believe Kelley was drunk and set into motion the events that led to her boyfriend's death.

The defense says Kelley was overwhelmed by the shooting that had just occurred minutes ago and was uncomfortable that police were accusing her of doing it on purpose.

Kelley is charged with manslaughter. If convicted, she faces up to 30 years in prison.

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