Trial for Christy Martin's ex-husband continues

James Martin, 68, charged with trying to kill professional boxer Christy Martin

ORLANDO, Fla. - The attempted murder trial for the ex-husband of professional boxer Christy Martin continued on Wednesday with testimony from doctors and the neighbor that drove Christy Martin to the hospital.

James Martin, 68, is charged with attempted murder after prosecutors say he shot and stabbed his ex-wife in November 2010 after learning she was leaving him for a woman. He faces up to life in prison if convicted of attempted murder and aggravated battery with a weapon.

The jury first heard from the neighbor who Christy Martin flagged down after her attack. Rick Cole, who said he drove her to hospital, described her severe injuries and the massive amount of blood she left behind in his truck. He added that she apologized for the mess she made.

"I'd never seen anything like that on a person," Cole said. "It didn't look real."

The Florida Hospital Apopka emergency room physician Dr. Brent Gardner also testified Wednesday morning about Christy's injuries. Gardner said Christy Martin came in ER "frightened and very much in pain."

Gardner said he found 5-inch-long knife wounds on her leg and punctures in her chest. He described X-rays that indicated a bullet in her chest and a collapsed lung. On cross examination, the doctor acknowledged that injuries like hers could potentially kill someone in minutes, but in her particular case he was confident she'd survive.

Three Orange County Sheriff's Office deputies also testified about their response to the hospital and the Martin's home. Deputies said they found James Martin hiding in the shed with a knife in his hands. Deputies told him to drop the knife but James Martin didn't listen, according to the testimony. When deputies threatened to shoot him, James Martin immediately surrendered, deputies said.

A crime scene investigator also showed jurors pictures of James Martin in the hospital, along with the fight wound on his arm that prosecutors said he accidentally inflicted on himself while stabbing his wife.

CSI didn't say how or when James Martin received the other injuries on his body during cross-examination.

Christy Martin took the stand on Tuesday describing her ex-husband's attack and her relationship with her now partner, Sherri Lusk, who also testified.

James Martin rejected a 25 year plea deal on Monday, saying that at his age, that would equate to life in prison.

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