Type 1 diabetes on the rise in children

Report: New cases in kids younger than five could double by 2020

ORLANDO, Fla. - Type 1 diabetes is on the rise in children and could be increasing much more in coming years.

According to a study published last year in The Lancet, if the trend continues, new cases in kids younger than five-years-old could double by 2020.

Three-year-old Cameron has had type 1 diabetes for half of her life. Needles and glucose monitoring have been a part of her daily life since the day she was diagnosed.

"It was quite possible the worst day of our life. They were pricking her with needles, they were taking her blood, they were restraining her on the bed at the hospital and it was awful," Cameron's mom said.

Since toddlers cannot describe their symptoms, it can take a while for parents to figure out what is wrong.

"The amount of diapers we were going through was incredible. She was losing weight, the clothes we just bought her were no longer fitting her," Cameron's mom said.

Unlike type 2 diabetes, where insulin doesn't process well, type 1 diabetics produce no insulin at all.

Now, Cameron wears an insulin pump to help her convert food into energy.

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