UCF professor accused of making anti-Islamic comments

Professor tells Local 6 allegations by Islamic organization are 'preposterous'

By Erik Sandoval - Reporter

ORLANDO, Fla. - A University of Central Florida associate professor has been targeted by an Islamic relations group for comments he made at a lecture and for his extra curricular membership in a "pro America" group.

The Coalition for American Islamic Relations -- or CAIR -- claims Dr. Jonathan Matusitz, a communications instructor, is anti-Islamic, and they fear what he may be teaching at the school.

The group has circulated a video online showing Matusitz at a January 31 lecture on campus where he takes issue with the United States' policy on Muslim expansion.

"We know it's (U.S. policy) not working in the White House because the Muslim Brotherhood is in bed with them," Matusitz said in the video.

"Instead of a avoiding the issue, instead of being in denial, how about our government just allows our teachers to tell the truth about things like that in the classroom? Call a spade a spade," he said.

CAIR expressed concern that those views were trickling into his teaching at UCF.

Local 6 spoke to Matusitz at his home on Wednesday, where he took issue with CAIR's allegations of "teaching hate."

"It's preposterous," he said. "They've never been in my classroom. I have very good student evaluations."

A university spokesman issued a statement to Local 6, saying, "Dr. Matusitz expressed his opinion, which is his right. He was not speaking on behalf of the university and we do not endorse his views."

A CAIR representative said they never meant to imply Matusitz couldn't have his own opinion, they were worried about it being taught in the classroom.

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