UCF releases video of gunman pulling fire alarm in planned attack

James Seevakumaran was planning attack on UCF campus, police say

ORLANDO, Fla - University of Central Florida officials released video on Thursday of the former UCF student who was attempting to follow through with a plan to attack the campus, pulling the fire alarm.

30-year-old James Oliver Seevakumaran, a UCF business major who wasn't enrolled in the spring semester, shot and killed himself in a third-floor dorm room at Tower 1 on the Orlando campus last month after pulling the fire alarm to set off his attack on campus.

Police said Seevakumaran left behind his plan scribbled on paper, which included setting off the fire alarm, going to a bar and drinking and "give them hell."

The video released shows Seevakumaran pulling the fire alarm in the dorm from outside the door of his room and from the end of the hall. No other information has been released, UCF officials said.

"The UCF Police Department is continuing its thorough investigation into the March 18 incident," said Associate Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs Grant Heston. "Once the investigation is complete, UCF will share its findings with the community."

UCF was in the process of evicting Seevakumaran after switching the locks on his door two times due to an unpaid bill of $7,230, the locks were to be changed for a final time.

Since the shooting, UCF has offered an Emergency Expo where students were getting coached from professionals on how to handle emergencies.

The motive for the attempted shooting is not clear and police said still believe that Seevakumaran acted alone.

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