UCF releases video of response to campus attack

Police say James Seevakumaran's checklist plan had 'give them hell' as last item

ORLANDO, Fla. - Authorities released on Tuesday video from the helmet of one of the officers going into the dormitory room where a former UCF student shot and killed himself after attempting to follow through with a plan to attack the campus.

[VIDEO: Warning, content may be graphic | PICS: UCF releases video, still pictures of response to attack | READ: 911 call timeline  | LISTEN: 911 call ]

30-year-old James Oliver Seevakumaran, a UCF business major who wasn't enrolled in the spring semester, was found in a third-floor dorm room at Tower 1 on the Orlando campus on Monday just after midnight.

In the video, authorities go into the dormitory and gain entry into the room, seeing the gun on the ground, as well as Seevakumaran's body. You can still hear the fire alarm sounding.

Authorities also said on Tuesday they discovered Seevakumaran had two packages delivered on March 12 in the UCF mailroom, containing a weapon-related materials, such as clips, a Blackhawk tactical sling and training DVD on proper shooting and use of a laser. They were not picked up, according to UCF officials.

At the news conference, Police Chief Beary described the list Seevakumaran left behind, stating that he crossed off each item on the list as it was completed, with the last thing on the list being "give them hell." The last thing Seevakumaran crossed off before killing himself was set off fire alarm along with going to a bar and drinking, Beary said. Beary says authorities confirmed he went to the bar and drank.

Beary said the motive for the attempted shooting is not clear and they still believe that Seevakumaran acted alone.

"All the interviews that we have done with the help of ATF, FBI and all the other agencies, have been consistent," said Beary. "That is he didn't have any friends we don't know of any major situation that would have caused him to act that way."

UCF News and Information Vice President Grant Heston said there was an officer at Tower 1 last night, which will "continue for the foreseeable future."

Also on Tuesday, Local 6 spoke to the Seevakumaran's roommate, Arabo Babakhani, who students are calling a "hero." He told Local 6 how he came face-to-face with the gun and ran to the restroom to call 911, saying he looked him straight in the eye, but didn't pull the trigger. You can watch the full interview by clicking here.

UCF President John C. Hitt released a statement on Tuesday, commending students, faculty and staff for cooperation. Read the full statement by clicking here.

Watch Local 6 News for a full report.

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