UCF student wins Strongest Teen in the World

By Julie Broughton - Anchor

ORLANDO, Fla. - Imagine lifting more than 2,000 pounds. That's what one University of Central Florida student did to earn the title of the Strongest Teen in the World.

Nate McCoole, 19, captured the honor about a week ago by lifting a combined 2,073 pounds in three events. He dead lifted 800 pounds, squatted more than 700 pounds and bench pressed about 500.

"I didn't plan on breaking the record. McCoole said. "I knew it was there, I just had a really good day."

His new honor is creating quite the buzz at the UCF Rec and Wellness Center where he works.

"They think it's a bigger deal than I do," McCoole said. "This is what I do, I lift weights. Finally, my numbers are getting respectable."

McCoole started lifting around the age of 13 and credits great coaches with remaining injury free. He Local 6 Monday was a light day. He only lifted 600 pounds. And that, he said, is the easy part.

"The meals, the food, the emotion and the stuff you put into it, that's the stuff that separates the good people from the great people," McCoole said.

And while power lifters are not tested for steroid use, McCoole is proud to credit hard work for his strength.

"I think it's like the icing on the cake," he said. If someone does use and they're stronger than me, then they're stronger than me, period. But I like to know I did it myself."

Next up for McCoole is the Europa meet in Orlando. His goal is to beat his own record by 200 pounds.

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