UCF to allow students to store guns on campus in locked vehicles

Student group pushes for new gun policy

ORLANDO, Fla. - The University of Central Florida announced students will be allowed to keep guns in their cars after a judge ruled on the exception at another Florida school.

UCF is rewriting its old policy and a UCF spokesperson said in the meantime campus police will allow students to store guns inside their trunks or in locked passenger compartments.

"We take the stance that law abiding citizens should be afforded the right to self defense," said Wesley Chambers, leader of UCF's chapter of Students for Concealed Carry. "And in a last resort, sometimes when it comes down to it, a firearm is the best defense."

Chambers said it's time UCF changed its policy. A UCF spokesman tells Local 6 the change is "to conform with the recent ruling regarding firearms being locked in vehicles."

The ruling was brought on by the "Florida Carry," which had sued the University of North Florida for the right of students to store guns in cars.

Other UCF students said guns on campus are a bad idea, pointing to the shooting plot a year ago that was foiled by a 911 call from the shooter's roommate. James Seevakumaran had planned to shoot thousands of rounds of ammunition using theĀ  rifle and handgun he'd stored in his room, according to police.

"That person involved had brought weapons on campus to commit a horrendous crime," Chambers said. "Those of us trying to obey the law and keep weapons in our vehicles in accordance with this new policy change are dong it for self defense."

The student group Concealed Carry said their ultimate goal is to allow students to walk on campus with guns, but that will likely require a change at the state level.

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