Vandals fire BB gun damaging vehicles in Orlando neighborhood

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orlando neighborhood is on alert after vandals shot at five parked cars with a BB gun.

Residents awoke to find shattered glass and damage on Sunday morning outside their homes near the Rosemont Country Club area and 441 on Lighthouse Road.

Many residents, like John Lawrence, deliberately park their cars outside so burglars assume someone is inside their home, but he awoke to find his Chevy Tahoe targeted. The back window was shot out.

"It don't make sense for somebody to do something like this," said Lawrence. "They come by just shooting like that or whatever they do, could hurt somebody, an innocent person."

Lawrence believes whoever it was drove through his quiet neighborhood around 1:00 a.m. and opened fire.

Both of Carmen Gibson's vehicles were shot in the windshield. She had the glass replaced Monday morning for $800.

"Very, very senseless," said Gibson. "You're a hardworking person, you just want to come out make sure everything's OK and you get upset."

For now, police have no suspects and neighbors have no comfort.

"I think them getting caught pretty much will not happen unless they continue this string of terror," said Gibson.

Some residents have surveillance cameras, but everyone Local 6 spoke with said their cameras were pointed toward their home and not the street so they were unable to get a suspect description.

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