Veteran upset 'Pokemon Go' players trash, climb on monument in Kissimmee

Memorial remembering fallen soldiers is 'Poke Stop' in game

By Jennifer Ortega - Reporter

KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Jeff Hawk is a retired veteran with the American Legion and served in the Army for 10 years.

"It's heartbreaking, honestly, being a wounded combat vet myself, and me and my wife have lost quite a few friends in combat. It's very disrespectful," Hawk said.

He said it makes him sad to look at what's happened to the monument that remembers fallen soldiers.

"Cigarette buds everywhere, beer caps -- the whole monument is pretty much trashed," Hawk said.

Hawk said he finds people climbing all over the monument at all hours of the day since the "Pokemon Go" craze.

It turns out the memorial is a "Poke Stop" in the game, bringing players to hang out, on and near the statue.

News 6 asked "Pokemon Go" players if they knew where they were and what they were sitting on.

"A lot of people are going to come out here and sit on monuments with or without it, you're going to have skaters skating on it, with or without the game," player Keith Burns said.

"I haven't sat on them. I can't really tell other people what to do, but I don't particularly love it either," player Jilian Relly said. "If the game is making people see things that they wouldn't have taken notice of before then that's pretty awesome."

Hawk said they're working with the city to see if the monument can be moved to a better location.

Kissimmee police said the park averages 4,000 people a night and it's impossible to control people sitting on the monument.

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