Victim identified in fatal road rage, hit-and-run case

Authorities investigate car in road rage, hit-and-run case

By Sheli Muniz - Reporter

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Daytona Beach police have identified the victim on Thursday in the fatal hit-and-run and road rage incident from over the weekend.

Police said Christopher Farmer, 27, of Ormond Beach, was run over by the driver of a 2-door red convertible after getting into an argument with him Sunday. The driver then left the scene.

Daytona Beach police say they believe they have found the car used in a deadly hit and run, but it's still not clear who was behind the wheel.

Police say it was clear to them that the car had been washed and waxed in an attempt to hide anything, but one key piece of evidence that police aren't releasing told them it was the car involved.

Investigators said the car was recognized from the surveillance pictures released on Tuesday at a home.

"Basically, the house was put under surveillance since Monday," said Daytona Beach Police Chief Michael Chitwood.

A home, where police found a 1998 Toyota Celica sitting on the driveway, that is until police approached the owner of the car, a Daytona Beach woman.

"She says, well I'm talking to my lawyer, I'm not talking to you. Well, shortly after that conversation the car is then placed inside of a garage. Well, where we come from that's called a clue," said Chitwood.

Police stopped the red convertible Toyota Celica at LPGA Boulevard and Interstate 95 and processed the car for forensics and evidence to be sent to FDLE.

"I think one of the most befuddling parts is the person driving her car is a coward who committed a despicable act and yet this woman does not want to come forward because she knows exactly what happened," said Chitwood.

Police are hoping a $5000 reward will get someone to come forward about who they saw driving that car Sunday morning at 3 a.m. at 444 Seabreeze Boulevard. According to police, two men were at the intersection of Seabreeze Boulevard and Oleander Avenue when a red convertible car and black Range Rover pulled up.

Police said words were exchanged between the pedestrians and the driver of the red convertible.  The driver of the Range Rover told the driver of the red car that the fight wasn't worth it and both started to drive away, police said.

The driver found them in the Fifth-Third bank parking lot and hit one before driving back and running him over.

Local 6 spoke to Farmer's parents, who say they're working on funeral arrangements and didn't want to release an official comment.

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