Victim in shooting at Fun Spot Orlando speaks out

Police identify suspect in Fun Spot shooting, implement new security protocol

ORLANDO, Fla. - One of the men police say was an unintended target of the alleged Fun Spot shooter, spoke only to Local 6's Evan Lambert on Monday.

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Marketa Duncan says he was shot in the upper arm. Two days after doctors released him from the hospital, the bullet is still lodged inside. He says he'll need to see a specialist to have them remove it without causing any permanent damage to his arm. 

"The bullet is right inside right before it hit the bone. It stopped right before it hit the bone," he said.

According to Duncan, he was standing in line for a ride when he heard gunshots, then felt a sting. Duncan says he had his 10-month old baby in a stroller by his side and immediately picked her up and ran for safety.

He said he didn't initially realize he'd been shot until another park visitor pointed out that he was bleeding.

Duncan says he is happy to see Fun Spot's response to the shooting by increasing security.

He hopes the alleged shooter, Jamal Dion LaFortune, will stay in jail so he can't hurt anyone else. He has a message for the shooter.

"That he was wrong for doing what he did and he shouldn't have did that around a lot of kids or my kids," he said.

Fun Spot said starting Monday at both of its parks, an off-duty police officer would be brought in at 8 a.m., an hour earlier than before.  A third-party security officer will also come in earlier, starting at 7 p.m.

In addition, Fun Spot will conduct bag checks and use metal-detector wands starting on Friday.

According to Fun Spot, off-duty Orlando police officers patrol the park, but only after 9 p.m., so they were not patrolling when the shots rang out.

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