Video: Dad makes daughter walk 5 miles to school as bullying punishment

Video of punishment goes viral

SWANTON, Ohio - This father’s message is simple: “Bullying is unacceptable everywhere and will not be tolerated.”

A father in Ohio punished his 10-year-old daughter for bullying another student on her school bus by making her walk 5 miles to school in 36-degree weather. 

The dad said it was the second time she’s been suspended for bullying.

The daughter told him he would need to drive her to school and, instead, he wanted to teach her a life lesson.

He followed her in the car as she walked, recorded part of it and posted the video on Facebook.

"I know a lot of you parents are not going to agree with this and that's all right. I am doing what I think is right to teach my daughter a lesson to stop her from bullying," Cox said in the video, which has gone viral. 

The post’s caption read: “UPDATE: lesson learned! Still has all her extremities intact is happy and healthy and seems to have a new outlook on bullying as well as a new appreciation for some of the simple things in life she used to take for granted #HOLDOURKIDSACOUNTABLE #STOPBULLYING”

As of Thursday, the video has more than 15 million video views and 339,000 Facebook shares.

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