Video: Fake murder tests bystanders

Prank captures people's reaction to pretend killing

NEW YORK - What would you do if you witnessed a murder? That's what the people behind a new Internet video wanted to know.

Thinkmodo, a NYC-based marketing firm, pulled a prank that captured people's reaction after they witnessed what they thought was a real attack.

A hidden camera taped New Yorkers stumbling across a mock murder scene in an elevator. The video shows the doors to the elevator opening, which is when witnesses see a man pretending to be strangled by an attacker.

Many passersby chose to run away rather than to help, while some stepped in to try and stop the mock attack.

In the video, a man can be seen using a fire extinguisher in an attempt to stop the staged death.

One woman uses a paper bag to swat the actor, while another woman unleashes her dogs. One guy, however, is seen snapping photos with a cellphone.

The ad agency produced the video to promote a new movie.

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