Video: Shark breaks through protective cage

Diver's friend records attack

SOUTH AFRICA - A shark-proof cage proved to be anything but shark-proof in a video captured by a man in South Africa.

Bryan Plummer posted a video on YouTube showing his shark diving experience in Gansbaai, South Africa on March 21. In his post, Plummer says he was with his sister and his best friends on a boat, watching a fellow diver named Roger in the water.

Plummer says the great white shark swimming nearby ignored the bait left near the cage and instead pounced toward Roger, who was inside the cage.

"He went through," someone exclaims in the video as the rest of the group screams.

The video shows the shark breaking through part of the cage and snapping his head around near Roger.

Plummer says Roger -- who got married a day earlier -- escaped injury by quickly diving under the great white shark's mouth and waiting until it pulled its head out of the cage.

After the shark leaves, the group is relieved and can be heard laughing as Roger is heard screaming "wahoo!"

"I got that all on video," Plummer tells his friends.

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