Video shows 2-year-old 'bedtime bandit' breaking into sister's room

Toddler videotaped picking lock, stealing toys

A 2-year-old boy is getting worldwide attention after video captured him picking a lock to his sister's bedroom and stealing her toys.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday by the child's mother, Joann Moser,  who calls her son the "bedtime bandit."

The video appears to be taken at nighttime and shows the toddler sneaking out of his bedroom in his pajamas and making his way to his sister's room.

The 2-year-old tries to open the bedroom door, but it's locked.

According to the video's description, the toddler uses fingernail clippers to pick the lock on the door.

The boy goes inside the room and moments later he is seen walking out with a stuffed animal.

Since being uploaded on YouTube last week, the video has received more than 354,000 views.

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