Video shows barracuda jump into boat

Kevin Faver captures 40-pound fish jumping into boat

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - Kevin Faver, who produces Tales from the Outdoors, is used to seeing nature up close.

But during a fishing trip Sunday off the coast of St. Augustine, the camera caught a first for the fisherman: a 40-pound barracuda jumping into his boat.

"I've been doing TV shows 12 years now, and to have that happen when rolling is almost impossible," Faver told WJXT-TV. "To have that on video is unbelievable. It's skyrocketing at me and it's the fish I have on my line and (my) obvious first reaction is get out of the way."

The video showed everyone moving away from the fish as it started flopping on the boat.

"They have a tendency to have a lot of teeth and they can do serious damage. My reaction was get my camera man out of the way," said Faver.

The barracuda was still hooked on the boat and the crew used the line to drag it off and back into the water.

"This is typical. When a barracuda gets hooked, they jump. Seen it hundreds of times. Never had one jump in my boat, especially one this big," said Faver. "I can't believe it happened and don't want it to ever happen again."

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