Video shows boy questioning cop over parking on sidewalk

Boy claims officer parked illegally to buy drink

LAS VEGAS - A 12-year-old boy is sparking a nationwide debate about his confrontation with a Las Vegas police officer who he claims was illegally parked.

Jeremy Drew posted a video to YouTube showing his conversation with the officer outside a convenience store.

According to the boy, the officer parked his motorcycle illegally on the sidewalk to buy a soft drink. Drew argues anyone else would have been given a ticket or arrested for parking on the sidewalk.

Drew approaches the officer and asks why he parked there.

"Is it an emergency or anything?" the boy asks.

When the officer tells him there is no emergency, Drew asks for the officer's badge number.

"Because I have a right to," the boy responds when the officer asks why.

"What are you, a junior lawyer?" the officer asks.

The officer gets on his motorcycle, walks it off the sidewalk and starts the engine as Drew continues to request the badge number.

"I don't think it's necessary to park your motorized vehicle on a sidewalk," Drew tells the officer.

Drew eventually gives up and stops recording as the officer rides away.

The video, posted in September 2012, is starting to go viral, with more than 3 million views. Commenters are split on whether the 12-year-old boy was doing the right thing or if he should have left the officer alone.

"Laws are there for a reason. Police are not? above the law," wrote one commenter.

"Police work hard to protect you ... have respect," said one man, who defended the officer.

Some commenters also question the authenticity of the video, claiming the officer is actually an actor painting police officers in a bad light.

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