Video shows dog opening glass door, escaping

Staff sets up camera to catch animal in act

KANSAS CITY - Workers at a Kansas City pound have figured out how one of their dogs is getting out of its kennel.

Staff members at Great Plains SPCA said the female dog, named Squeaky, was always escaping.

"Our staff were perplexed," an official from Great Plains SPCA said. "They would put her back in her suite and moments later she would be running around freely."

Staff members set up a camera and soon realized they had one smart pup on their hands.

"After playing detective, we discovered how this sweet girl was making her escape," a staff member told reporters.

Video captured Squeaky standing on her hind legs and using her front paws to pry the door open before making her great escape.

Great Plains SPCA said Squeaky is up for adoption, patiently waiting for her forever family.

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