Video shows Florida teen catching ride on whale shark

19-year-old videotaped riding on back of massive fish in Gulf of Mexico

CAPTIVA ISLAND, Fla. - A Florida teen discussed his impromptu ride on a whale shark, saying he fulfilled a lifelong dream.

Chris Kreis, 19, didn't think twice when he jumped onto the 30-foot shark while boating in the Gulf of Mexico near Captiva Island.

"It's always been one of my lifelong dreams to be actually in the water with one of them," Kreis said.

Kreis was recorded on video Saturday jumping off the back of his boat and latching onto the massive shark's dorsal fin.

"I took it," Kreis said. "I jumped in and I grabbed onto its fin."

The ride was short-lived, lasting about 10 seconds.

"It took me for a little short ride," Kreis said. "It was an experience of a lifetime."

Some marine biologists, however, are less enthused about the incident, saying the fish could have attacked Kreis.  Biologists also said human contact can potentially harm the fish by removing part of its protective coat.

Whale sharks are the ocean's largest fish and feed mostly on plankton.

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