Video shows girl's rescue in 5-story fall

Mail workers rush to break girl's fall

ZHEIJANG PROVINCE, China - A group of mail workers taking a short break quickly turned into heroes when they spotted a girl about to fall from the fifth floor of a building.

The two-year-old girl was hanging from a ledge in China's Zheijang Province. Five express mail carriers were taking a break near the building when they heard the girl crying.

The men rushed over to help the girl mere moments before she plummeted. The mail carriers were able to break the girl's fall and save her life.

The two-year-old did hit the ground and was left with a bruise near one of her eyes. However, doctors say if the men didn't break her fall, the girl would've likely died.

The girl's parents told police they had left to buy medicine while their daughter was sleeping.

One of the mail carriers hurt his arm during the rescue. A second man injured his neck.

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