Video shows man using toddler to steal package from home

Homeowner captures theft on security camera

SEATTLE - A Seattle homeowner has posted surveillance video from his home showing a toddler stealing a package from his front steps.

Jared Brinkley says the package ordered from Amazon "lasted 23 minutes" outside his home on April 5.

His surveillance video shows a man walking up to the home with a stroller. The man stops and lets the little girl climb out of the stroller and appears to tell the toddler to go grab a package sitting on the front steps of Brinkley's home.

The little girl waddles toward the front door, stops for a second and then continues up the stairs to the package.

The toddler takes the package and quickly returns to the man and the stroller.

Brinkley says he filed a police report and officers told him they're concerned the man has used the toddler to steal packages in the past.

Brinkley believes the Amazon package contained dog vitamins that cost $12.

"The package matters very little," Brinkley said. "But this guy's A new low."

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