Video shows moment deaf boy hears dad for first time

3-year-old receives brain implant

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - New video shows a 3-year-old deaf boy's shocked and overwhelmed reaction upon hearing his father's voice for the first time.

Grayson Clamp was born without the nerves in his ears that allow him to process sounds.

However, doctors at the University of North Carolina installed a microchip in his brain, allowing Grayson to process sound with the help of a device in his ear.

UNC doctors recorded the heartwarming moment when Grayson could finally hear his dad.

"Daddy loves you," his father said.

Grayson's face lights up and he signals to his mother that he can hear something.

"He likes sound," said Nicole Clamp, Grayson's mother, during an interview with CBS affiliate WBTV-TV. "He enjoys the stimulus, the input. He's curious and he definitely enjoys it."

Grayson's parents understand they still have to work with Grayson to help him comprehend and understand sound.

"His brain is still trying to organize itself to use sound," Grayson's mother said.

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