Video shows naked hotel guest locked out of room

Man walks around hotel desperately trying to find reception desk

A naked man got locked out of his hotel room and surveillance cameras captured the embarrassing ordeal, which was posted online.

The security footage was taken from a hotel in Canada, according to YouTube.

In the video, the nude man is seen stepping outside his room to put a food tray in the hallway.  The door closes behind him, however, and he soon realizes he is locked outside of his room.

The man then walks around the hotel desperately trying to find the reception desk.

He meets fellow guests along the way and, in one instance, he's seen in an elevator with a mother and her child. The mom is seen trying to shield her kid's eyes.

After two and a half minutes of wandering naked, the hotel guest finally makes it to the reception desk.

The man is seen in the video asking for a room key, but the receptionist insists that he show his ID first.

"How can I have a drivers license if I am naked?" the man is heard asking the clerk before the video ends.

It's not known how the situation was resolved.

Many YouTube visitors believe the incident was set up.

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