Video shows skier triggering, surviving avalanche

Lance Light escapes avalanche unharmed

BERTHOUD PASS, Colo. - Lance Light says he should have seen the warning signs before he triggered a small avalanche.

Light and a friend went back country skiing on the Berthoud Pass in Colorado, even though there were reports of dangerous avalanche conditions.

"We should not have been on that slope, definitely not at that time," Light told KCNC-TV in Denver.

The two friends brought the gear they needed to weather an avalanche and decided to take the risk.

Light was recording on a GoPro camera as he started his run down the mountain. Suddenly, he felt powerful shaking all around him.

"When you watch the video up close, I ski over a couple other people's tracks that didn't trigger it initially," Light told KCNC. "It just comes down to random chance."

Light's video shows the avalanche starting to build to his left. Suddenly, the snow splits beneath him, triggering an avalanche.

"I saw it fracture and I just tried to straight-line it over the cliff," Light told KCNC.

Light was thrown to the ground as snow started to rush over him. He was able to deploy is air bag to stay above the oncoming snow and signal for help.

"It just shows that a lot of things can slide with not a lot of impact," Light said.

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